Friday, November 14th, 1997
213.960.7764 or 310.281.6025

Join us for a night of progressive house, trance, and drum&bass
that'll lift your feet off the ground and your spirit into the clouds.
$15 admission, free candy, smoothies, and massage.

House Trance
Doran Sandra Collins
Rampant Records Fragrant Music
David Alvarado Christopher Lawrence
Bomb Records Fragrant Music / Hook Recordings
Brad x Jason Blakemore Thee-O
Mother Earth / Bassex 2x4 Biohazard
Nando Mr. Annand
Planet 9 Planet 9
Jorge Reyna bit>>manipulation
Planet 9 Planet 9 - live

Cosmo Brown Clutch No-Face
Planet 9 Junglist Platoon Junglist Platoon
Spherical Mok DJ Down
Fluid 4 Dist. Grooveriders Planet 9