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The planet 9 folks really put things together well...

Really nice location, small and cozy but enough room for a packed crowd had there been one.
BEAUTIFUL sound. Sometimes i really wanted quiet and that was hard to get without going outside and hanging around ont he street, which is usually a bad idea, but man... just wonderful sound.

The bass was so crazy that during dennis set there was one song where standing next to the speaker was near impossible because the floor was vibrating so much it made it difficult to stand. Great foot massage though.

Aside from cheap water, there was also FREE fruit smoothies. Really nice fruit smoothies, too.

Musically... i really dug the first DJ... pretty hard for my general tastes but the music was so good it didnt matter. Things often got to the point where the music was just soo crazy i had trouble thinking and i was dead sober. I almost felt sorry for those who weren't... i was really waiting for someone to be conviced that aliens had landed with the way the music was going.

The coolest song, for me, was thing pretty hard pounding acid track with these Tangereine Dreamish layers of synths going over it so there was the beat, the acid lines and some other acidy noises and then these just envelopes on sound on top. I had to sit down because it was just too much.

Skylab was great... they played some REALLY REALLY REALLY good new stuff at the end of their set, incredible driving beats and rhythms in there.

At they end they stopped for a bit and i guess were looking for the next DJ, and right after they asked where the DJ was, Sandra Collins comes up the stairs and in just a classic Sandra moment says "Does anyone know where the DJ is supposed to be?" as there is complete musical silence.

I guess it was kind of hard to figure out because of the crowd that had gathered on stage for Skylab's performance had buried the coffin setup.

I really liked the start of Citru's set, but the drive home was looming so i only stayed for a short bit.

all-in-all a grade A event