Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 10:47:43 -0800
From: Leaf
Subject: Celebrate review...
Posted to: socal-raves list

* Vibe-girl: Whenever the speaks went out (like 4 times =P) she would keep everyone's buzz going by saying, "Good vibes... good vibes..." to everyone. What a cool thing to do. Anyone know who she is?

That was Giselle...Jellebean :) She's one of the bestvibe people I know. She's part of JP's crew I think...and hopefully part of mine now :)

The party:
Hmmmm...The party started kinda slow. Rollin and I got there at about 8:30 and there were only 5 or 6 people there. Among them were Mike (Mindspringer) and Venice, so we already knew people to hang with from the start. The wall of speakers was awesome, even though the DJ was in a different room :(

People were trickeling in slowly until about 12:30 or so...JP showed up, a bunch of people from his crew...John, jellebean :)... Jenny and Tim, but they left way early...I think before midnight

Then, at about 2, all the people left and and therre was like 12 peeps there, only 4 of which were dancing :( Dancing by yourself in a big room sucks!

The music was really good, and that helped make the night. The first DJ spun some breakbeat... I think they should have saved him for later. Pure was incredible! He played some wicked good music that just kept me moving :) I was still dancing when we were walking out the door :)

I think the party would have been a lot better if the location wasn't double booked for a gay gangsta party which scared most of the people away, and if all the people who say they came and then left 10 minutes later, didn't...

Towards the end of the night Ross and Vickie showed up, and that was a good relief from the monotany of an empty room...thanx guys :) Then we left at like 4:30 cause the party was basically over.

We actually ended up hanging out around the corner for about half an hour just chilling on the sidewalk...that was cool. Welp, I had a really good time, surprisingly...Objectively, the party many gangstas and too little ravers. NObody was dancing and after midnight, those that were there, left.

I don't was fun for me, so...I guess this means The New Year is gonna rock :) Later all...

Peace out,