Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 14:32:14 PST
From: "Jenny Bouvet" (
Subject: *giving thanks*
Posted to: socal-raves list

i am not gonna write too much...too cracked out...hehehe:P this was a strange party! at first, it sucked donkey schlong...there was no one there and when they arrived, they weren't dancing....(let me take this time to tell you my amazement on how things can change)...well this party started going off in the early morning...*goodgoodgood* music...lotsa vibe!(there was *none* in the beginning)...nice people, smiling faces, group hugs*aaaah!*....i wanna thank all the beautiful people who made my night sooo special:)

i love you joe!!! and rolly!!! and leaf!!! you all are *beautiful people!!!! to all the scrubbers that i met, you were really nice:) the after party was weird, but that's a whole different story;) sending my love to each and every one of you love bunnies:)

jenny jen jen:)