Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 01:34:49 -0800
From: Ed (
Subject: LIFT - wow! Thank you planet9!
Posted to: socal-raves list

Man that was good! I thought I was going to explode last night. The energy was there big time! My friend, Teresa, is a good nrg tester cuz she's not takin any drugs when she goes to these things and she works at a really hard job and we're usually driving a couple of hours to get into LA, and when she walks into a room and just totally starts goin' off you KNOW it's good.

I wish the drum n bass had been with the other rooms, cuz nobody was going in there, I didn't even know where it was til I stumbled into the bar looking for a bathroom, and the 21 and over to get into the bar - blech! But, I'm guessing there just wasn't any other way to work it space-wise ... and that all seems like nit-picking anyway now that I think about it cuz I had a hard time trying to enjoy all the great music in two rooms (running back and forth all night) let alone three!

thank you thank you thank you planet9!