Subject: [planet9-list] Midnite Bombers-reasons for 3:30 am shutdown
Resent-Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 07:26:41 -0800
From: Fabio Rojas ""

We would like to thank everyone who supported Midnite Bombers Detonation 06. We collected over 600 cans of food!

The night was turning out to be a really special one for the LA Jungle Scene. Jason Mouse, Sage, and UFO! showed us why SF Phunckateck is one of the most respected crews on the west coast. Most of the members of Phunckateck live together were they eat, breath, and sleep jungle! When they perform as a crew that dedication comes through.

The reasons we got shut down was because the cops said they had gotten noise complaints and it was too loud for 3:30 am. I personally went and turned it down, to see if they would leave and give us another hour before they would come back again and say it was over. As the cops were turning the corner, Hyphen Select and MC Oozi decided to turn the sound back on at full blast. The cops turned around and cleared the building. We can't say how much longer we could have gone on, but that sound outburst did not help. From experience, most cops will give you a warning when they receive a noise complaint. If they have to come back then they'll shut down the party.

Just keep your tickets from Midnite Bombers Detonation 06 for a discount at the 1 year anniversary. In 1998 we were able to bring you six successful Detonations. For the 1 year anniversary, we're working on bringing you a member of the UK METALHEADZ!

-fabio (Planet 9 / Midnite Bombers)

Hyphen Select and Oozi weren't scheduled to play at 3:30 am but they went ahead and jumped in front of DJ Curious? time slot. To top it off, they left the party yelling "NO RESPECT", idiots! - fabio