Subject: Re: [scr] no midnight bombers leads to culture...
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 10:22:46 PST
From: "Mari Posita }|{" ""

midnight bombers was pretty dope... the two room location was kinda small and hella stuffy, somewhat reminiscent of old skewl dayz... and the room the decks were set up in was too crowded to really get a groove on, but the beats were hella down. it started to get really crowded around 11:30 or midnight, then i heard someone say they shut down the map point. props to fabio for keeping true to the 'limited capacity' deal... not too much later the second room (w/o the dj) cleared a bit and there was much room to dance :D all in all, it was a pretty fun night and the muzik was soo gooid :) sooo sooo gooid =D