Date: Mon, 27 Sept 1999
From: J Pennington
Subject: Midnite Bombers
Posted to: socal-raves list

This was the coolest, tightest party I've ever been to. Paved roads all the way to the venue, concrete dance surface, frenetic rear-projected video madness, in*sane* popping circle and thunderous beats under an ocean of blacklight blue. As far as I know nobody's car got jacked. Cosmo Brown is a near flawless mixer, his flow was tiiight... Machete did some serious old-skool-rude-boy-hip-hop-ragga damage... Deacon surprised me by waxing melodic but I had to leave in the middle of his set to rest in my car... until I heard a Dieselboy cut so I went back to get me some o' that. A chilling wind picked up around five and I was beat so we left, but what a night... big big ups to Planet 9. I'm tellin ya, do not miss the next one.