Date: Mon, 27 Oct 97 17:04:00 PST
From: "Jennifer Jackson" (
Subject: STOMP review
Posted to: socal-raves list

Well to begin with... I got stomped on at Stomp... Some stupid ass was slam dancing to the (rather mellow) hardcore set and landed heel first on my shin... OUCH!!!

Other than that though it was a fun party. The location was great, some run down resturaunt, bar, ballroom, community center thing. It was real mixed bag musically speaking... the first DJ we caught was spinning this godawful chep house with the occasional bit of jungle, a tip: if you're not spinning hardcore then play that song with the sample "I'm a hardcore DJ"... it will only make people laugh at you. The jungle room however was kickin' ass... so we hung out in there for a while. Back in the main room Paulina Taylor got up and played the usual HH hits... he even played "Wham Bam" by Vinylgroover... YAY!!! I LOVE that song, it such an obnoxious chunk o' cheese. (Note to Chuen and Ruth: please don't EVER bring Vinylgroover out here... if I had to listen to an entire set of his stuff I'd have to go out and become a heroin addict.) Then some guy got up and played some decent but laid back hardcore. Ho hum... I'd rather have seen him open the night rather than go on round midnight. Kinda vibe killer, but maybe that's just 'cuz my shin was hurtin'.

Then DJ Muppetfucker (AKA Noahphex) came on and played an abosolutely killer breakbeat Happycore set. Most of the HH I've heard has been of the stompy kickdrum variety and the shit he was spinning was totally different and damn good. Definately the highlight of the night Then some DJ got up and dropped some phat jungle, but we were gettin' sleepy so we took off.

There didn't seem to be too many people there though... the space could have held a lot more, but I think there were more people squeezed into the tiny jungle room than the large main room. Everyone I talked to was really cool and plurry though, definately a good vibe (except for the guy who kicked me).

A good solid, small party, only $12, definately one of those bread and butter raves that keeps you goin' through the bad vibe massives and busted parties.