Midnite Bombers - 11
Saturday, August 26th, 2000
Two very special guests from the UK (John B and Simon "Bassline" Smith). Plus your local favorites: DJ's Cosmo Brown, Curious?, Raymond Roker, and Kingpin. Don't miss the long awaited return of the Midnite Bombers!

Midnite Bombers - 10
Saturday, September 25th, 1999
This detonation will feature a special birthday set by WreckIgnition's Deacon. Joining the celebration are djs Machete, Cosmo Brown, DJ Down, and MC Stingray. Don't miss out on all the bass.

Friday, July 23th, 1999
The long awaited return of Planet 9's Fundamental house grooves. With two very special guests, Heather (Chicago/Guidance Recordings) and Dazy (Housevibes). Alongside our residents Mr. Annand and Nando. Vinyl Tribe's Jughead will also be stopping by.

Midnite Bombers - 09
Friday, June 18th, 1999
UFO! returns with a rare 3 turntable set, you've been warned. Alongside favorites Machete and Curious? this detonation will feature a variety of styles ranging from Techstep to Ragga.

Midnite Bombers - 08
Saturday, April 10th, 1999
For the first time in LA, we bring you the UK Metalheadz' DJ Lee alongside UFO!, CRS?, E-Sassin, Cosmo Brown, DJ Down, and MC Question Mark. You'll get one of the world's most sought after drum 'n' bass djs and the newest dubplates from the top west coast producers.

Midnite Bombers - 07
Saturday, February 27th, 1999
Come celebrate the midnite bombers' 1 year anniversary with our favorite DnB selectas! Curious?, Machete, Cosmo Brown, DJ Down, MC Question Mark, and presenting Prime-Evil (Sharee & Dr. Mario tagteam)

Midnite Bombers - 06
Saturday, November 7th, 1998
San Francisco's Phunckateck (Jason Mouse, Sage, and UFO!) will be dropping beats along with Los Angeles' Midnite Bombers (Curious?, Cosmo Brown, and DJ Down).

Midnite Bombers - 05
Friday, September 11th, 1998
With new releases on "Green" and "Command Module", DJ U.F.O. is becoming one of the most respected drum n' bass producers on the West Coast! Come check out his new tracks along with LA's CRS?, Machete, and SD's Quest.

Friday, August 14th, 1998
Make sure to join us on this night in an intimate event with two of Los Angeles most coveted dj's: John Kelley and Brad.

Jungle Warriors
Thursday, July 2nd, 1998
For one night only, Art vs. Jungle and the Midnite Bombers join forces to bring you the premiere hard jungle event of the summer!

Midnite Bombers - 04
Friday, June 19th, 1998
Chicago's Danny Da WildChild, known for his scratching and battle tricks, is ready to blow shit up! Also featuring Presha Crew's Deacon and Tonz of Drumz' CRS?, this detonation is sure to go off!

Midnite Bombers - 03
Friday, May 1st, 1998
Our third detonation will feature some of our favorite drum&bass DJs. Which include the B.A.S.S. Kru's Flux and Rinse along with R.A.W., LA's most respected jungle DJ. You don't want to miss the debut of Flux's newest dup plates!

Midnite Bombers - 02
Friday, March 20th, 1998
Planet 9's Midnite Bombers welcomes the Junglist Platoon and veteran DJ/Producer Curious? for a night of pure drum&bass. Come show your support to some of LA's most respected jungle DJs.

Hard Candy
Friday February 13th, 1998
Join us for an unconventional Valentine's Day celebration featuring trance and techno on the harder side. Come check out Chicago's Dan Efex and Minneapolis' Woody McBride for only $10!

Midnite Bombers - 01
Friday, January 9th, 1998
Planet 9 brings you the first drum&bass explosion of 1998. With veteran DJ/Producer: DJ Snuggles from Chicago! Our friend from up north, U.F.O., will be dropping bomb tracks S.F. style! You don't want to miss this event.

Wednesday, December 31st, 1997
An intimate gathering for Planet 9 friends on New Year's eve. This event is pre-sale only and will hold a maximum capacity of 250 people. Contact us for information on ticket availability.

Giving Thanks
Friday, November 28th, 1997
Planet 9 put together this small event to thank the support given to the Bounce, Stomp, Lift trilogy.

Friday, November 14th, 1997
A night of Progressive House, Trance and Drum and Bass. Check up on the Lift site soon for some cool pictures of the party.

Saturday, October 25th, 1997
Our hardcore drum and bass extravaganza featured some great local talent as well as a few guests (Stakka and Skynet from the UK, Noah Phex from Texas). We're trying to procure some photos for this one, so if anyone had a camera in their possesion and would like to contribute some, it would be greatly appreciated, just send email to the list.

Friday, September 26th, 1997
This night featured reknowned local drum and bass along with the now favorites Flux and Rinse from the San Francisco B.A.S.S Kru.

Saturday, July 19th, 1997
A couple hundred people were abducted to enjoy the sounds of very special guests Skylab 2000 and Dj Citru from France in an intimate and tight atmosphere.

Positive Charge
Friday, April 25th, 1997
An event that brought together Los Angeles' most talented dj's in an effort to raise funds for California AIDS Ride number 4.

Cyber Circus
The party that started it all, with a few of our own dj's in a small location in one of the Claremont Colleges located in southern California.

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